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  • A picture "Spring"

    Author is Solovykh G.I. 1970s.

    Solovykh Gennady Ivanovich (1932, Moscow).

    Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Until 1948, a pupil of the Moscow secondary school of arts, and then until 1953 – a student of the Moscow Art School in memory of 1905. He was working in a theater and on TV for many years. From 1963, Solovykh took part in a large number of exhibitions both in the country and abroad. The main point in the artist’s oeuvre is the image of Moscow, Kremlin, the historic part of the city, and its architectural monuments.
    Age :1970 - 1980
    Country :USSR
    Condition : good
    Technique :Oil
    Material :Canvas

    Length:700 Height :800 mm

    price  460 000 rubles  



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