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A cup and saucer - 6000$
A cup and saucer - 4000$
A cup and saucer - 8000$
About Us
For the sake of consolidating people, feeling like to be in touch with beautiful antiques, who keen to learn more about past, who feel like a part of eternal succession of events in history and culture, we have implemented the project "ArtAntique", which now turned to be the dynamic structure on the antiques market with constantly developing and expanding collection.

At present "ArtAntique" project contains:

The project purpose - is development and perfecting of various forms of activity on the antiques market, including long term orders.

"ArtAntique" project originated from private collections of "Vienna bronze" and porcelain.

Within the short period of time we have succeeded to enlarge several times the assortment of items offered, and we hope we'll keep on with this tendency in future.

There are two most significant collections within the frame of "ArtAntique" project : first of all, this is the collection of ancient armory attributed in the State Historical Museum and presented by the unique number of items. The other significant exposition - is the collection of porcelain of the soviet epoch. The variety of painted animals, skiers and pioneers assuming the social role so unusual for porcelain plastics, in soviet life were a kind of "permitted happiness" being the only possible way of home decorating for the great number of people. These collections are constantly enriched with new entries.

Any person interested in antiques, whether he considers himself amateur or professional, can find a number of traditional collections offered, as well as:

  • "Vienna bronze";
  • sports inventory and sports equipment items;
  • collections of different devices and tools;
  • dolls and toys;
  • textiles (costumes, lace, fabrics, embroideries);
  • accessories for representatives of very different professions;
  • household items, such as kitchen utensils, or cosmetics tweezers, brushes, bandages and subjects of a medical care for patients.
The "ArtAntique" project has an opportunity to place any private collections on its site, with appropriate observance of copyrights.

We are open for partnership cooperation:

  • we are ready to submit our items for realization;
  • we place others' items on our site sections;
  • we consider any proposals of mutual benefit.
"ArtAntique" actively cooperating with the State Historical Museum, Polytechnic Museum, Museum of the First Medical Academy named after Sechenov, Library named after Lenin, Museum of Orient, Museums of Moscow Kremlin, we engage leading specialists to provide scientific consultancy and expertise. Some items from our collections have supplemented famous museums collections.

We crave for evolving and extending the list of our services approaching the particular demands of our clients.

Any antiquarian good or ancient item, regardless it's destination whether it is designated for a gift, or supposed to be applied for the interior decoration, or it is just a useful thing - it's always subject of special delight!

OFFICE: Russia, Moscow, Skatertnij pereulok, 15. Phone: +7 (495) 737-59-09, 657-84-59      E-mail: info@artantik.ru